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IoT Standard Schweiz: Kick-Off on October 28th - SmartCity Alliance

IoT Standard Schweiz: Kick-Off on October 28th


The Kick-off workshop “IoT Standard Schweiz” with the participation of about 20 companies is planned on October 28th. With the introduction of the 5G communication networks by the end of 2019, many new IoT-driven facility management processes are becoming available. In this environment, the initiative “IoT Standard Schweiz” ensures the constructive cooperation between the between telecommunications operators, hardware suppliers, real estate developers and engineering firms.

The “IoT Standard Schweiz” will define a reference system that describes the technical and management resources to support the digital transition of the building.

It will define key parameters to ensure:

  • An efficient communication with a reliable connectivity infrastructure, within the building, but also from the building to the outside world
  • The interoperability of systems and devices.
  • A secure data exchange between the devices and the user services layer
  • A proper building governance and project management

While interoperability enables long-lasting base infrastructure, these conditions allow the building to become a real service platform, rich and scalable over time, and gaining in usage value.

Interested to know more about the initiative, please contact anne-claire@smartcity-alliance.ch


Über den Autor 

Anne-Claire Pliska is coordinating the activities of the SmartCity Alliance. She is owner of the company innodrive, an innovation and strategy company active in the market of mobility, energy and infrastructure. She is member of the board of BG Bonnard and Gardel Holding SA and active member of the consortium openmobility.ch. She owns a PhD in Physics, and has additional degrees in Business administration from ETH Zürich and Business Law from the Exec. School of the University St Gallen.